Hello everyone, it’s me again in the topic of the article about the zKtube protocol. In the previous post I gave some information about this project. This is actually a very cool project that in itself inspired me to continue writing. During the development process zKtube has received great attention from the user community. So in this article I will bring you a lot of useful information about the project and if you want to join us, you can see more here.

If you have not read the previous article, I will repeat what is zKtube?

The zkTube protocol is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution based on ZK Rollup technology. All funds are held by smart contracts on the main chain. zkTube performs calculations and storage off-chain, and its sub-chain efficiency is proven by zero-knowledge.

In the zkTube network, users can perform various transactions and transfer functionality of ERC20 tokens in the wallet with TPS 3000+, real-time arrival and the same security guarantee of the Ethereum Mainnet level. This premium and smooth experience cost per transaction gas fee is 200 times lower than existing Ethereum Mainnet.


PayTube is the first ETH 2.0 smart wallet building on zktube, with this L2 solution offers the same security guarantees as Ethereum mainnet, and a big scalability boost: a Layer 2 protocol to achieve low transaction fees and throughput of ETH and ERC20/ERC721 transactions up to 200 times the original Layer 1 transaction.

PayTube Wallet is a Web3.0 application on the zkTube network, users can access the wallet through any Ethernet Square Dapp a key link is established, users can buy/sell encryption currency, Dapp exploration, mining deposit, insurance, games and a number of operations. PayTube Wallet is a free hosted decentralized wallet, should be kept private by the user in the first version.

Features of the zkTube Protocol

Lower cost per user switch — Switching between off-chain token tokens is only 300–500 gas, as each aggregation equally divides the payment cost of a single block on the pack from L2 to L1, reduce gas charge. Can provide up-to-date tree Merkle certificate. Also, if the cost of encoding the L1-chain message encryption message is at least ~20,000 gas, we can reduce the gas as an aggregate.

Throughput and Scalability — Each transaction contains less data, thus improving the throughput and scalability of the second layer. You can directly use your L2 class account balance to transfer directly and you don’t need to wait for confirmation at L1 layer. In this process, User is free to use his own balance, But in the end, it is necessary to complete the final certainty at layer L1 through zero verification mechanism.

Ensuring Ethereum Mainnet Level Security — In the zkTube network, a large number of computation and data storage operations are placed in L2 for processing, after which a large number of transactions are aggregated and packaged into the same block, and zero-knowledge proof is generated and sent to L1 for unified verification, which can improve the transaction processing speed of the entire network and ensure security.

ETH brings ecological value — By using zkTube’s underlying protocol, ETHGAS fees are reduced and user transactions in Layer 2 are more frequent than before in Layer 1, solving the problem of congestion ETH. In addition, applications that require high TPS or related functions have been addressed on zkTubeLayer2 this time. The zkTube mainnet is online, and both users and application providers built on the zkTube protocol will provide services that support the underlying protocol, which can enable better migration of applications and contracts. copper to Grade 1. This will be what zkTube desperately needs. The idea is to build an ecosystem based on ETHLayer2.

Strengths of zkTube compared with zk Rollup

The following changes have been applied to zkTube based on ZK Rollup:

  1. Review incentives for operators are added;
  2. Batch packaging and state root are separated and handled independently;
  3. ZkTube based common language ZKTVM.
  4. PLONK based algorithm optimization.

Road Map

  • Testnet was launched on April 27, 2021
  • Testnet POS Mining launch on May 30, 2021
  • Paytube wallet will be launch on June 30, 2021
  • zkTube Mainnet Launch on June 30, 2021
  • Miners voting day, July 1, 2021 (Testnet miners will be invited for voting, regarding the mining launch date)
  • Support Solidity for Smart Contract August 1, 2021
  • Support Layer2 Dex September 30, 2021
  • Support Cross-Rollup November 30, 2021



The first step in zKtube’s journey to the moon has been a great success. After launching the testnet on April 27th — it has received great interest from the crypto user community. And since then, there has been no noticeable problem. The zKtube team always updates their latest situation to users. On the project’s blog, it was recently announced that zkTube and Bagels Finance have reached a strategic cooperation. In just a short time, but zKtube has achieved results that many other projects cannot. I strongly believe in the success of this project and remember this is not investment advice. You can learn more to get the most out of this amazing project here :


Mainnet: (off-line)

Mainnet: (not online yet)




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